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Ally Award



Aqua Foundation is celebrating our allies once again at our second Ally Awards on Thursday, February 07, 2013. At Aqua we want to honor allies to the LGBT community because without them our victories would be slower to come and our ultimate equality would be harder to achieve. With them our burden is lightened and we can move more quickly and surely toward full equality.

One organization that stands out for their work in our community and their fearless stand with us is the NAACP. They have chosen to back LGBT equality even when it was a risky move for their organization, such as in 1993 when they supported the March on Washington and sent NAACP Executive Director Ben Chavez to speak. And more recently they came out in support of same sex marriage equality, issuing a statement where their President and CEO, Benjamin Todd Jealous, declared, “Civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law. The NAACP’s support for marriage equality is deeply rooted in the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution and equal protection of all people.” We are pleased to honor the NAACP and to have Obi Nweze, NAACP FL State Conference President, present to accept the award on behalf of the NAACP.

In the Hispanic community, what celebrity name has more household recognition and stands as a role model for women than Cristina Saralegui? Cristina has served as an inspiration to hispanic women; she embodies strength, grace, and independence. She has used her fame and her television show to help start a conversation about HIV/AIDs in the hispanic community, to talk frankly about sex education, and to support LGBT people. She has won the Valar Award from GLAAD for her work as an ally and education about Gay and Lesbian issues ,as well as many other accolades. Her foundation, Arriba la Vida/Up with Life Foundation, does vital work in the hispanic community educating about AIDs and supporting research. It is our pleasure to honor her ongoing work in our community.

Even closer to home we have powerhouse couple Charles Million and Tim Nardi, who have worked tirelessly in our community for many years. They volunteer for the Task Force and many other organizations and have consistently supported Aqua Foundation; most recently by securing the venue for Aqua Affair and donating the appetizers for the event. Liebe Gadinsky calls Tim and Charlie “the previously unsung heroes in our community. They give so freely and inconspicuously of their time, talent and vast resources, sharing their unbridled passion and fierce determination for the betterment of others. ‘No’ is not in their vocabulary.”

We are excited to show our appreciation of such incredible supporters and anticipate a rewarding evening filled with celebration. Join us on February 7th at the sophisticated Bacardi Building in Coral Gables by purchasing tickets here.


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